Bicycle rental

The neighboorhoud of de Steppe is very suitable for bicycle trips. Nowadays many people bring along their own bicycle when they go on holiday, but it is also possible to rent a bicycle at de Steppe.
We let bicycles "de Kikkert" company from Texel. They are adequately maintained Gazelle bicycles from 2 up to 4 years old. We also have children's bicycles and baby-seats for on a parent's bicycle. You can rent a bike on a daily or weekly basis. If you rent on a weekly basis, you get two days for free! See the tariff overview ("various extra's").

We have a total of 20 bicycles. If you want to rent a bicycle, please reserve it in avance, at time of booking. This ensures you have a bike at your disposal. For larger numbers of of bicycles (rental minimum 2 days), we receive bikes directly from Mr Kikkert from Texel. These should be reserved some time in advance. At de Steppe, nice bicycle routes are availble.