Cycling and hiking


Directly next to our park are the bicycle path along the "Franse baan". By means of this bicycle path you can explore the neighbourhood in the Netherlands and Belgium.

With the new 'check point network' you can discover more by means of the planned bicycle routes in the province of Brabant and the Kempen by bicycle. Before you start, you indicate your own route on your map, and simply follow the check points along the way.

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De Steppe tself is at check point 80. Along our park run two bicycle paths of this network: the route between button points 80 and 23 and the route between button points 80 and 81. By means of ours links-page you can contact the agency which is responsible for check point work.

This way you can meet our Southern neighbours and the neighbourhood by exploring the lands by bicycle. More and more these bicycle paths are also used by roller skaters. There is also the horse back rider's path "mark to Merkske" next to de Steppe.

Several of the bicycle paths cross the country borders. The beautiful Brabant landscape and "Kempische" landscape has an abundance of forrests, pastures, lands, all landscapes which can be explored by bicycle. There is not a lot of car traffic on the bicycle routes.

A little deeper in the Belgian Kempen: Kleidabberspad, Binkenpad, Corsendonkpad, Heidepad.
In Brabant: Poolse route, Utrechtse route, Haagse en Ettense Beemdenroute, Vijfeikenroute etc.

Hiking / walking
The neighbourhood is very well suited for hiking. The border area has sandy roads that cross the farmer's lands. On de Steppe we offer you detailed road maps. There is a planned hiking route in the direct vicinity of de Steppe: the Strumptroute, 17 kilometres (11 miles) in the neighbourhood of Ulicoten and Baarle-Nassau. In the Chaamse forrests there are several (shorter) planned hiking routes.
There is also a network for hikers and we are situated between point 43 and 45. We sell this map also at the reception.

A number of hking routes are for sale at de Steppe. All routes are available at the local tourist office. See the links-page.