Food & beverage facilities

Outside of the holiday period the canteen and the rooms are very suitable for meetings, complete with food and beverages. All is possible for your family meeting, wedding, project week, et cetera.
For groups from 30 persons or more (after reservation) we can arrange the following meals:
  • coffee buffet, from € 6,50
  • dinners, from € 13,50
  • buffets, from € 15,00
  • barbecues, from € 14,00
  • baking sheet dishes, from € 10,00
  • eggs with bacon, from € 8,00
Naturally it is enjoyable to eat eggs with bacon, e.g. after a walk or bicycle excursion. Get together at the fire place in the bar. The bacon and the eggs are prepared on site on a large baking sheet. With bread and coffee, having a good time. All kinds of extensions are possible, the standard package costs from up to € 7,00 for groups from up to 30 persons.
On the baking sheet all kinds of types meals can be prepared, in your presence. Simple meals with saté, onion hamburgers or shoarma, but also extensive dinners with e.g. scampi, salmon, chicken fillet, beef, and singed cherries for dessert. For any kind of meeting we have a suitable solution.

There are also lots of options for arrangement of drinks. In combination with an overnight sleep, a complete arrangement can be established, with a meal adapted to your budget. Take a look at the group report for the possibilities. You'll be surprised by our low pricing.

We can also offer you a seperate room with a bar. For this we gladly make an offer that is appropriate to your wishes. If you would like something outside of our menu, we are glad to help you find a caterer. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.