When you enter our park de Steppe, you immediately see the canteen entrance. When it is opened you can come here to drink or eat something, e.g. ice cream, candy, or buy post cards or just for a chat. There are also all kinds of information about the neighbourhood and the bartender is always informed about the latest news.

From the canteen terrace you look upon the children's animal farm, the play ground and the swimming pool. Drinking one of our Belgian beers you really taste the holiday atmosphere...

In the canteen you can enjoy yourself with all kinds of activities. There is pool billiards, a pinball and video game, gambling machine, table soccer, table tennis and and a shovel board. Also can also play cards, dice, chess, and at draughts. Many activities are organised at the canteen by the recreation team. In the activity programme you can see an overview of the activities.

Outside of the peak season the canteen is only opened for groups on appointment. You can organise enjoyable parties, even with meals: diners, buffets, coffee tables, barbecues etc. All is possible, also for groups that want to organise a meeting or work week.