Old and news!

In 1953, founder of de Steppe mr. W. Jespers, received 5 acres of "rough ground" by a trade. This poor sand ground ("steppe" ground) had been grown over by forrest and heath, and was known as "the Steppe of Jeppe". The first years were used to break up the soil, and to build a house and barns.

The barns were used as a poultry unit. Later, a chick breeding farm was built (now the canteen). In the 1970's the agrarian sector was not doing well. Gradually, the farm was converted to a recreational services company. The poultry units became holiday cottages, the breeding farm became the canteen.

In 1980 this project was completed, and de Steppe was completely focused on recreational services. When the successors came (the current owners) in about 1985, the camping field was completed and several new facilities were built.

This is why de Steppe exists for more than 25 years now as a holiday park.