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De Steppe
Luc en Hilda de Theije - Jespers

Baarleseweg 1
5113 TA - Baarle-Nassau (Ulicoten)
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31-13-5199246
Fax: +31-13-5199518
E-mail: info@desteppe.com

Visitors: 54281


In 2010 we go "back to basic". No activities will be organised and the prices will be reduced. For "luxury extras" you don't have to pay anymore!

De steppe is a holiday park approximately 6 hectares in size. In this area, which is grown over by trees and shrubs are 42 holiday cottages for 4/6 or 12 persons.
Furthermore there four camping fields (green grass) with a total of 60 camping sites. Nearby there are 2 hiker's huts.

Centrally in the area the children's animal farm with a terrace and canteen, swimming pool and recreation ground for kids with sand barge. Furthermore there is a "Jeu the boules" game, soccer field, volleyball field, ping-pong terrace, and a laundry facility. It is also possible to rent a bicycle.

Outside the holiday period the canteen is used as a party hall with all kinds of food & beverage facilities. These cottages located near each other (particularly the 12-person cottages) and the camping fields and party hall, offer a great deal of possibilities for groups.

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